Belle Corporation acknowledges the significant role of good governance in the operations of its businesses, increasing shareholder value and sustaining growth. The Company remains fully committed to doing business in accordance with long-held values and ethical standards that have been the foundation for its growth and success. Its platform of governance remains rooted in its Manual on Corporate Governance and Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which adhere to the principles of fairness, accountability and transparency.


The Company promotes these principles to everyone in the organization and to all of its stakeholders and continues to keep pace with the global corporate governance best practices under the guidance of its Board of Directors.


The Manual on Corporate Governance institutionalizes the principles of good corporate governance throughout the organization. It lays foundation to the Company’s compliance system and identifies the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Management in relation to corporate governance. It also states the Company's policies on disclosure and transparency, and mandates the conduct of communication and training programs on corporate governance. The Manual further provides the rights of all shareholders and the protection of the interest of the minority stakeholders. It likewise sets the penalties for non-compliance with the Manual.


The Company's Manual on Corporate Governance is regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with regulatory advancements and to keep pace with the constant development of corporate governance best practices.