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GIVING back to its community counterparts, Belle Corporation helped give life to the four walls of learning of hundreds of students by tapping its five beneficiary schools for Brigada Eskwela... read more


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Posted at Manila Times by Catherine Talavera & Rosalie C. Periabras

HIGH-END real estate and gaming firm Belle Corp. said operating revenues in the first half of the year more than... read more


(Pasay City, Philippines)
Belle Corporation achieved record operating revenues of Php 3.16 billion in 2014, surpassing by Php 540 million (21%) operating revenues in 2013 of Php 2.62 billion... read more


Several companies with casino interests in the Philippines have been buying back shares at a time when their stocks have been undergoing Macau-like declines.

The latest announcement on... read more


(Pasay City, Philippines) Belle Corporation achieved consolidated net income of Php 378 million for the first quarter of 2015, surpassing by Php 68 million (22%) net income for first quarter 2014... read more


(Pasay City, Philippines) Belle Corporation’s Board of Directors approved on January 27, 2015 the declaration of a special cash dividend of Eighteen Centavos (Php 0.18) per share, for a total... read more


Own a premium mountain leisure escape offering spectacular views of the Taal Lake Volcano and the breathtaking mountain range.

Situated over 165-195 meters above sea level and on a lush... read more


By: Manila Standard Today

In the 1990s, owning prime property in Tagaytay became possible with the inception of Tagaytay Highlands, the first leisure development south of... read more