Our Vision
Belle Corporation envisions itself as a world-class provider of the finer things in life.


Our Mission
     • To develop quality entertainment and leisure facilities that promote growth and environmental sustainability.
     • To enhance shareholder value for the Company’s investors and partners.
     • To promote a mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders grounded on integrity and respect.
     • To be the employer of choice offering career growth opportunities.
     • To enhance the quality of life of the communities we serve.


Our Values
Sustainability. Accountability. Integrity. Leadership. Hard Work. Innovation.


  1. Deliver value to our shareholders.

    • Consistent declaration of regular dividends. 

    • Continue to uphold the implementation of good governance practices, and continue as one of the top 100 Philippine publicly listed companies scoring above 90 points in the annual ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard.

    • Consistently achieve increases in recurring net income annually.

  2. Serve as a good corporate citizen for the benefit of our stakeholders.

    • Implement sustainable programs to uplift the quality of life in surrounding communities through Belle Kaagapay, the Company’s corporate social responsibility arm.

    • Continue partnership with SM Foundation, Inc. on future corporate social responsibility projects.

  3. Deliver the finer things in life to our customers.

    • Launch, enhance and develop prime leisure properties.

    • Sustainability of operations: Belle Corporation will continue to prioritize operational sustainability and consciousness of its impact on surrounding communities.