Our vision is to make the finer things within reach through our sustainable developments, products and services.


We will invest in, develop and maintain world-class tourism destinations and leisure properties for the satisfaction of our customers, to advance the welfare of our people and host communities and deliver shareholder value—while advocating good corporate governance excellence and environmental sustainability.

Our Values

Leadership. Integrity. Accountability. Hard Work. Innovation. Sustainability.

Corporate Objectives

  • Deliver the finer things in life to our customers

    • Identify trends and opportunities in tourism and leisure industries.

    • Forge partnerships with world-class organizations: Belle has always looked for business partners with a proven track record, domain expertise and similar values.

    • Enhance and launch prime leisure amenities and developments.

  • Enhance shareholder value.

    • Realize sustained recurring earnings growth year on year.

    • Benchmark against global good governance best practices and continue as one of the top 100 Philippine publicly listed companies scoring above 90 points in the annual ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard.

    • Pay consistent dividends to shareholders.

  • Establish a culture of sustainability across our businesses.

    • Embed sustainability in its operations: Sustainability is a core value for Belle Corporation and working with the communities we operate in is a priority for our operations, including programs to lower use of fossil fuels, achieve more efficient waste management, care for the environment and uplift the lives of the less privileged in our communities.

    • Establish social partnerships: Belle Kaagapay partners with a number of non-government organizations to expand the reach of its community initiatives.