Belle Corporation serves as a catalyst in nation building and the country’s economic progress through its pioneering and world-class leisure property developments and integrated resorts. In line with the Company’s mission to develop quality entertainment and leisure facilities that promote growth and environmental sustainability, Tagaytay Highlands, the Company’s flagship project, has implemented various initiatives such as tree-planting events, recycling, and the use of renewable resources.

Further to such efforts, the Company launched a new Corporate Social Responsibility Program, called KAAGAPAY, which aims to make a difference by partnering with local communities Belle Corporation is present in through the implementation of initiatives focusing on health, education, calamity aid and assistance, livelihood, social services and the protection of the environment.

The long-term vision of KAAGAPAY is to teach members of these local communities realistic, sustainable and easy to replicate activities that will create empowered and productive citizens, uplifting the quality of life while nurturing self-respect and human dignity.

In May 2015, Belle Corporation participated in Department of Education’s ‘Brigada Eskwela’, in collaboration with community volunteers of barangays surrounding the Tagaytay Highlands complex. The activity involved painting and beautification works for identified Batangas public school classrooms, in time for the June 2015 opening of classes.


The Company has also been recognized as a Friend of Biodiversity through its collaborative partnership with the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity for public awareness of the value of biodiversity and the need to conserve the same. Its yearly program of “One Tree at a Time” which started in 2010 remains true to its commitment to plant tree species (e.g. aratilis, atis, chesa, duhat, guava, malunggay, santol and starapple) indigenous to the area. Also, Tagaytay Highlands continues to support the realization of the vision of its Founder, Mr. Willy Ocier, to plant 1,000,000 trees all over the Tagaytay Highlands Complex within 50 years. Long before the deadline, approximately 500,000 trees have already been planted.

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