Belle Corporation remains committed to the highest standards of ethics and good corporate governance and abides by its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (Code). Guided by the principles of and guidelines set in the Code, the Company’s directors, officers and employees are expected to perform their duties and responsibilities and transact with investors, creditors, customers, contractors, suppliers, regulators, other stakeholders and the public in accordance with long-held values and time-honored ethical practices.

The Code stresses the importance of integrity in relationships and dealings with business partners, the Company’s duties regarding employee welfare, the rights of shareholders, the protection of information assets of the Company, and promotion of corporate of social responsibility. The Company adheres to the Code in the pursuit of its mission and vision to serve the best interest of all shareholders and stakeholders.

Employee Welfare

Powered by a highly qualified, trained and engaged workforce, Belle Corporation prioritizes employee welfare, recognizes and rewards high performers, and provides a healthy and safe working environment and equal opportunities regardless of age, race, gender and religion. The Company aspires to be an employer of choice offering competitive compensation and benefits, career growth, training and volunteering opportunities, work-life balance, engagement programs, among others.

Training and Orientation

Belle Corporation creates and provides many opportunities for career development and advancement to its directors, officers and employees. There are available training and orientation programs for all career levels and functions.